MLP Housing Trainings for Healthcare Teams

Thursday, April 25, 2024

By Kate Marple, Who Tells the Story? Kaiser Permanente, National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership, and HealthBegins

As part of regular medical-legal partnership practice, legal team members train healthcare team members’ about specific health-related legal topics to increase and improve referrals to medical-legal partnership legal partners. In 2023, Kaiser Permanente, the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership, and HealthBegins created a series of housing trainings for healthcare providers as part of the Health, Housing, and Justice: Medical-Legal Partnership Initiative. While initially created to train Kaiser Permanente front-line healthcare staff, these trainings can be easily adapted and used by any medical-legal partnership. The series includes trainings on:

Guidance for Using the Trainings

There is a PowerPoint slide deck for each of the nine housing trainings (linked above) that legal teams can download and use to train their healthcare partners. Here are a few tips for presenters:

  • While the trainings were designed to be as applicable as possible across the country, legal teams are responsible for reviewing the content and making any edits necessary to reflect local laws and MLP referral procedures.
  • Each training should take approximately 20 minutes (15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions).
  • There are notes inside every PowerPoint slide deck to help guide presenters through delivering the training.
  • Medical-legal partnership teams can use these trainings as a model for developing trainings on other I-HELP™topics. Teams can use this worksheet to help plan training content.

Guidance for Updating PowerPoint Slide Decks

Data on the Trainings from Kaiser Permanente

From January – September 2023, Kaiser Permanente medical-legal partnership teams in five regions delivered and collected data on the efficacy of these trainings. In a post-training survey of healthcare staff, 93.6% of respondents said the trainings gave tools and resources to better identify patients facing that housing issue. Additionally, 89.5% of respondents said that they felt more confident making referrals to the MLP legal team as a result of the trainings. Read more.


This training series was developed and designed by Kate Marple from Who Tells the Story? Several attorneys provided critical insights and content for the trainings, including:

  • Rebecca Casey, Jeanna Baitlon & Molly Ryan, Colorado Legal Services
  • Marc Beck & Amy Willis, Legal Aid Services of Oregon
  • Connie Liu & Nick Severson, Legal Aid Society of Hawai’i
  • Katherine Eddy, Tessa Hammer & Ejiro Okoro, Legal Services of Northern California
  • Cory Warren, Maryland Legal Aid