Katie Hathaway JD



Katie Hathaway, JD, is a Strategic Advisor for the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership.

Katie is an experienced disability rights attorney and nonprofit leader at mission-focused national health organizations. She is a national expert on the rights and regulation of people with diabetes and has significant experience developing policy, building strategic litigation, and delivering brief legal services while managing a national legal advocacy program for the American Diabetes Association. During her time at ADA, Katie spearheaded multi-decade campaigns to end blanket bans that barred people with diabetes from careers as commercial drivers and pilots, and opened access to education for children with diabetes through legislative, regulatory, and policy change in 34 states.

Katie has designed and delivered national training and technical assistance programs for a variety of audiences including health care professionals, legal professionals, employers, school administrators, lay advocates, and patients and caregivers. As a consultant for the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership, Katie developed and hosted the webinar series on Chronic Disease and Disability Discrimination and Long COVID, and moderated NCMLP’s Medicaid Town Hall.

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/katie-hathaway23/