Using Legal Services as Part of a Community Strategy to Improve Maternal and Child Health | 2023 Learning Collaborative

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

By National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership

In Using Legal Services As Part of a Community Strategy To Improve Maternal Health in Health Centers participants from health center and civil legal service providers at varying stages of MLP implementation developed and improved their strategies and capacity to integrate legal services as part of their clinical practice to address maternal health-related social and legal needs.  In this four-part course, participants considered specific aspects of establishing an MLP that focuses on maternal health, and are encouraged to share best practices as well as challenges along the way. The collaborative brought together legal service providers and health centers to learn from each other and faculty advisors ​​representing the Texas Advocacy Project, Inc., Mental Health Advocacy Services, Inc., Legal Assistance of Western NY (LawNY), and Georgetown University Health Justice Alliance.

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