Brief: Addressing civil legal needs as part of nurse-led care

Thursday, April 7, 2016

By National Nurse-Led Care Consortium, Philadelphia’s Legal Clinic for the Disabled, & the Family Practice and Counseling Network

The medical-legal partnership (MLP) approach naturally aligns with many aspects of the nurse-led model of care. They share philosophical and practical foundations in which teams work together to provide comprehensive, holistic care alongside high-quality clinical care in order to improve health. In particular, the interdisciplinary, whole-person orientation and almost exclusive focus on medically underserved and socially disadvantaged populations distinguishes both the nurse-led health care model and the MLP approach from more traditional health and public health models.

This report aims to help health and legal organizations establish medical-legal partnerships in nurse-led health care settings. It provides information and resources specific to understanding and partnering with nurse-led health care institutions, and highlights some of the opportunities and challenges when applying the MLP approach in a nurse-led setting.