“No Wrong Door” for Veterans: Veteran Cultural Competency Training for MLP Teams

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

By National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership

Partnerships between health centers, the VA, and civil legal services providers help to ensure that Veterans can access health care through “no wrong door.” To improve the capacity of these partnerships to meet the holistic needs of Veterans, medical-legal partnership staff of all backgrounds and skill sets are invited to this free training event on Veterans cultural competency. Through this webinar, the audience will learn about current best practices for serving Veterans across settings and increase their understanding of how to use the medical-legal partnership approach to address the health-harming legal needs of Veterans and their families.

Attendees heard from Emily Edwards, PhD (DBT for Justice-Involved Veterans, VISN 2 MIRECC, TASC, James J. Peters VA Medical Center); Lara Eilhardt, JD (Office of General Counsel), and Madolyn Gingell, LCSW (Legal Services for Veterans Program).

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