Tool: Medical-legal partnership learner pre/post survey

Thursday, September 26, 2019

By Association of American Medical Colleges AHEAD Initiative

The Association of American Medical Colleges’ Accelerating Health Equity, Advancing through Discovery (AHEAD) Medical-Legal Partnership Learner Pre/Post Survey includes a core set of questions used to examine the effect—on staff member knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs—of various types of education about social determinants of health and medical-legal partnerships. The survey design supports the evaluation of four Entrustable Professional Activities and six General Physician Competencies and applies across different educational intervention models or intensities, including learners in various health professions.

Through a 2015 competitive award process, the AAMC selected three medical-legal partnerships to participate in a three-year cohort to develop and implement metrics to evaluate the impact of MLPs on (1) Patient and community health and health inequities; (2) Cost savings, institutional benefits, and efficiencies; and (3) Student, resident, and fellow educational outcomes. These surveys are one of the resources developed as part of that project to help institutions evaluate their MLPs.