How Civil Legal Aid Helps Health Care Address SDOH

Civil legal aid agencies play a critical role in addressing the social determinants of health, and can help health care address the root cause of some of the most challenging problems related to health and health care utilization. The chart below shows some of the most common social and legal problems faced by vulnerable communities, and how civil legal aid can help mitigate their negative impact on health and health care. The chart is organized by the I-HELP™ acronym developed by the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership to describe common health-harming social conditions.

How Civil Legal Aid Helps Health Care Address SDOHThis chart is taken from the messaging guide, “Framing Legal Care as Health Care.” Please do not modify it without permission. The citation for the chart is:

Marple, Kate. Framing Legal Care as Health Care. Washington, DC: The National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership, January 2015.

For individuals looking to distribute this chart as part of a talk or training on medical-legal partnership, download one of these handouts: