Medical-Legal Partnership Success Stories

Housing help that paved the way for cancer surgery and remission

When a Nebraska woman canceled her mastectomy because she received an eviction notice and feared she would not have a place to recover, the medical-legal partnership team went to work. Oncologist Kerry Rodabaugh recalls the journey that ended with remission.

Health insurance and a new home for Maxine

When work-related injuries forced Maxine to stop her job as a Nurse’s Aide, she was denied disability benefits multiple times. When her house burned down shortly after, her health began deteriorating. With help from her health center’s medical-legal partnership, Maxine appealed and won disability pay, which was only the first victory. Read the full story.

Senior Woman on Porch

Preventing homelessness in 15 minutes

When a patient’s mother called pediatrician Megan Sandel to say her housing voucher was going to be cancelled and her family was going to become homeless, the medical-legal partnership was able to prevent it…in 15 minutes.

Reducing asthma admissions by “hotspotting” housing code violations

When a Cincinnati medical-legal partnership saw several asthmatic patients who were threatened with evictions for using their medically-recommended air conditioners, the MLP started asking, “Who owns the building?” What they learned helped them transform 700 units of housing in the community. Read the full story.

Apartment Building