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The Social Determinants of Health Academy is a HRSA-funded six-month virtual training series designed to help health centers and primary care associations (PCAs) develop, implement, and sustain social determinant of health (SDOH) interventions in their clinics and communities. The power of the SDOH Academy is that it doesn’t focus on a single intervention; led by eight organizations – all HRSA-designated training and technical assistance hubs – the SDOH Academy offers a coordinated curriculum on multiple community-based SDOH interventions.

2016-2017 Pilot Class

From September 2016 – February 2017, 58 health centers and PCAs participated in six virtual trainings each on a specific aspect of SDOH – from how to better screen patients for SDOH needs to how to build the health care and community team needed to address them. If you were part of the pilot and are looking for recordings of those trainings, please contact Sharena Hagins at:

*NOTE: The SDOH Academy is intended for staff and administrators at health centers and PCAs, and is not targetd to legal aid agencies or law schools who are partnered with health centers.

Why The SDOH Academy?

Where a person lives, plays, and works has a bigger effect on their health than genetics. The home they live in, the streets they travel, and the education they receive help determine how healthy they will be. Health centers and PCAs have long understood that healthy people and healthy communities require looking beyond a clinic’s doors, and both are increasingly adapting a range of interventions to tackle these SDOH.

However, health centers and PCAs are sorting through an array of community-based interventions, their ultimate benefits to patients, and how to implement those programs. The SDOH Academy gives health centers and PCAS a chance to learn from multiple organizations spearheading community-based programs to target SDOH, and how to develop, implement and sustain those interventions in their clinics and communities. It also offers health centers and PCAs the opportunity to engage in peer-learning and share their SDOH needs and work.

The Trainings

The Faculty

Each of the organizations serving as faculty for the SDOH Academy has a National Cooperative Agreement with HRSA to provide training and technical assistance to support the development of SDOH interventions in the health center field.