About the National Center

Recognizing the enormous potential for legal services to help health care providers respond to the social needs and deficiencies they see every day in their clinics, the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership works to create conditions in which all health organizations can leverage these services. Early evidence and federal investments demonstrate the impact legal expertise and services can have on individual patients, and hint at the potential for health care and legal professionals to join forces to promote population health. But making these collaborative services a normative part of today’s health care system requires an enormous cultural shift. That’s where we come in. We’d like every health organization in the United States to leverage legal services as a standard part of the way they respond to social needs. The National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership leads education, research, and technical assistance efforts to help make that goal a reality. Read more about a few of our recent initiatives.

Founded in 2006, the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership is project in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University.