Health Center MLP Toolkit Webinar Series (Nov 2020 – March 2021)

This webinar series is now over. Please watch previously hosted webinars’ recordings below.

About this Webinar Series

As part of our work as a HRSA-funded National Training and Technical Assistance Partner (NTTAP), we published a toolkit that provides the health center community with information and resources to start, strengthen, and sustain a medical-legal partnership (MLP), and we hosted a 5-part webinar series to unpack the learnings from the toolkit.

Watch Previous Webinar Recordings

Part 1: Laying the Foundation for Lawyers on the Health Center Team Part I: SDOH Needs and Legal Staffing

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Learn how to identify which social needs qualify as legal needs, how different team members can address these legal needs, and how to determine how many lawyers and paralegals a health center needs in order to operate an MLP.

Part 2: Laying the Foundation for Lawyers on the Health Center Team Part II: Funding, MOUs & Sustainability

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Explore different models of funding to support integrated legal services in health centers, the conversations partners should have and document in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) before they start delivering services, data that MLPs should collect, and considerations for long-term program sustainability.

Part 3: Laying the Foundation for Lawyers on the Health Center Team Part III: Advancing workforce goals for health center and legal services staff

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Learn about ways to strengthen your MLP team by planning appropriate training for the right audience, covering relevant topics.

Part 4: Creating screening, referral and service delivery workflows for a medical-legal partnership

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Learn how to create screening to service delivery workflows in your MLP team, and how to break down the barriers that keep information siloed.

Part 5: Moving upstream to address SDOH and health equity at a policy level

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Learn from a panel of access-to-justice experts about bold and innovative policy-driven initiatives that MLPs can engage in to help close the justice gap and increase health equity for patients and communities.