The deadline to apply for scholarships has passed.

General Scholarships (Applications due June 14)

A limited number of partial tuition scholarships are available that allow recipients to register for the Summit at a discounted rate of $225. Scholarships do not include hotel or travel expenses. Everyone is welcome to apply, but please note that the student rate is the same as the scholarship rate, and no further discount is available for students. *UPDATE 6/24: All applicants have been notified about scholarship decisions. Please email April Daniels at if you have questions.

Consumer / Patient Presenter Scholarships (Applications due May 13)

Full tuition and travel scholarships are available for consumers / patients who present workshops at the Summit. There is not a separate application process for these scholarships; instead, there is a place on the workshop proposal form to designate a presenter as a consumer / patient and a box to select that a scholarship is desired. That is the only application required. Presenters will be notified about scholarship decisions at the same time they are notified whether or not their session was selected for inclusion in the agenda. *UPDATE 6/7: All consumer presenter scholarships have been awarded, and recipients have been notified.