Amalis Córdova Mustafá BS, MPH

Research Associate


Amalis Córdova Mustafá is a Research Assistant at the Center, primarily tasked with communications and content development.

Amalis has more than four years of experience as a research assistant at GWU where she worked on a variety of research projects on HIV/AIDS, natural disaster response, and public health communications. In this role, she analyzed qualitative data from interviews and focus groups and contributed to the writing of journal articles. She has also gained extensive health policy experience after working at the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, Policy Wisdom, and the Brookings Institution where she successfully completed literature reviews, wrote blog posts, conducted quantitative analyses, attended hearings and other events, and supported the writing of publications.

Amalis is a graduate student from Dorado, Puerto Rico pursuing a Master’s in Health Policy at The George Washington University (GWU). She also earned her Bachelor of Science in Public Health with a double major in Sociology at GWU. She will begin her first semester as a law student this upcoming fall. She hopes to learn more about medical-legal partnerships before entering law school with the hopes of pursuing a career in this legal field.