Toolkit: Laying the groundwork for a medical-legal partnership

Saturday, March 14, 2015

By National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership

The National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership developed a toolkit to guide health care and legal institutions and practitioners through the process of coordinating care and developing an MLP. The toolkit is designed both to aid in the development of a new program as well as to help existing medical-legal partnerships strengthen their services and operations. The toolkit can be used for partnerships in any setting for any population.

The toolkit reflects the knowledge gained over a decade of providing technical assistance to programs and the experiences of legal and health professionals across the country who were the engine for most of the early medical-legal partnerships. It contains tools to help potential partners assess their population’s needs to best position their MLP and to assess the local health and legal landscapes to better understand the professional world of their partners. The toolkit also helps partners formalize their relationship in a Memorandum of Understanding and lay out MLP activities and each partner’s responsibilities.